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Welcome to Timber Obsession

If you are a timber lover like us then you have come to the right place. Like you we love our timber furniture however could never find quality timber furniture that was anywhere near worth the price tag that was on it. We didn't want overpriced poorly made overseas furniture that was only made to look solid. We wanted the "Real Quality Australian Hardwood Furniture".  So with that we decided to start crafting our own unique furniture and then Timber Obsession was born.

All our furniture is crafted here at our home, we keep our business small with only myself & my partner crafting & designing all our furniture items. This allows us to take the time required to make each piece of furniture unique. When you purchase a furniture item from us you know that you are buying a item that was litterally crafted from the ground up. We cut all our own logs (of course only from tree's that we rescue that have already been fallen ), dress and cut the timber here on site and then craft your item. We love to hand pick our timber and slabs to find pieces that have character and beauty. We love our native Australian Hardwoods & love nothing more to see our beautiful species of timber come to life in every piece of furniture we craft. Every item we create is unique and one of a kind. All the colours you see in our furniture is the natural colours of the timber, no stains are ever applied unless specifically requested for a order.

We love to try new things so if you have something unique in mind let us know as we will happily take on the challenge and craft it for you. Custom orders are our specialty!!. We offer obligation free quotes and you will be happy to know that our prices are very reasonable. By purchasing your furniture from us you know that there is no markup because you are buying direct from a business that cuts there own timber as well as crafts there own furniture items.

Of course we not only custom make furniture but we quite often have furniture & other items that are ready to go so make sure to check out our FOR SALE PAGE. If you would like to view some of our previous items we have crafted make sure to also visit out Our photo gallery. It is great for getting idea's for your new furniture piece.  In most cases we can try to replicate a previous item we have made, although it won't be identical but it will be uniquely stunning.

At Timber Obsession you will not only find beautiful furniture, we also sell direct to the public fire wood, raw timber slabs, burls when available, hardwood boards to order & when available slabbing services of fallen tree's for customers with our lucus mill.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us or come see us in person..




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